Project Description

In this project, we plan to evaluate and compare different ranking algorithms for searching text documents with state-of-the-art neural models.

Expected activities

1) Review basic machine learning techniques for document search and neural ranking methods.  Understand the features of documents that are important for document ranking.

2) Study the selected papers and review techniques used for comparing the ranking algorithms.

3) Understand data sets for evaluation and conduct data analysis for search results in using a few ranking algorithms.

4) Write a  slide presentation or a report on the findings

Team Members

  • Hunter Lin
  • Carl Xiong
  • Xiyue Wang

Professor and Mentors

  • Prof. Tao Yang
  • Yifang Qiao

Meeting Time

  • Research group meeting
    • Time and Location: Thursdays 1 pm-1:45 pm on zoom
  • Research group meeting with Yi Fan
    • Time and Location: Thursday TBD on zoom
  • ESRP team member
    • Time and Location: Thursday 3 PM-5 PM on zoom

Links to Proposals and Presentation

Individual Logs

Peer Review

Project Documentation and Resource