Project Description

There are many situations where users want to stop a program while it is running and come back to run it from where they left off. Saving the state of the program to run it later is often known as "checkpointing" and building such a checkpoint requires special infrastructure for saving and restoring the program's state. In some cases, we may want to restart a checkpoint without such special infrastructure. If we could instead build a "fast forwarded" version of the original program by simulating its execution and throwing away anything unnecessary, we could run only the minimal amount of the program needed to get to the checkpoint before continuing, without the need for any infrastructure. This project will aim to build such a fake checkpointing mechanism, by writing a simulator that can identify and throw away the unnecessary parts of a program.

Team Members

  • Doris Wei
  • Rory Zahedi
  • Roberto Doumit Hanze

Professor and Mentors

  • Prof. Jonathan Balkind

Meeting Time

  • Meeting with Prof. Balkind
    • Time: Fridays 10AM - 11AM
  • ERSP group meeting:
    • Time: Thursdays 2PM - 4PM
  • ERSP meeting with central mentors (zoom for the first two weeks, in person after that):
    • Chinmay: Tuesdays 10AM - 10:30AM
    • Diba: TBD

Links to Proposals and Presentation

  • Proposal (first draft): link
  • Proposal (after peer review): link
  • Final proposal (after instructor feedback): link
  • Final presentation: link

Individual Logs

Peer Review

Project Documentation and Resource