NLP Group

Study the fairness of NLP tools and identify linguistic properties that impact performance of language models

Students: Sophie Groenwold, Samhita Honnavalli, Lily Ou, Aesha Parekh

Mentor: Professor William Yang Wang, Sharon Levy


Security Group

Translates policies into logical constraints in a satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) formula based on user configuration

Students: Albert Li, Emily O'Mahony, Benjamin Prince, Ganesh Sankaran

Mentor: Professor Tevfik Bultan, William Eiers


VIS Group

Use transfer learning method to improve coverage of partial-masking for human instances.

Students: Tina Shi, Jennifer Lo, David Farias-Llerenas, Lina Zeng

Mentor: Professor Tobias Hollerer, Yi Ding


ARC Group

Enforce the security and reliability of IoT devices while avoiding significant overheads

Students: Tyler Ekairab, Bethany Long, Vincent Benenati, Ethan Scott

Mentor: Professor Timothy Sherwood, Alvin Glova, Aarti Jivrajani