NLP Group

Debiasing gender stereotypes in NLP and create Wikigender to evaluate NRE systems for bias

Students: Tony Sun, Shirlyn Tang, Andrew Gaut

Mentor: Professor William Yang Wang, May ElSherief


HCI Group

Combine the immersiveness of VR with the ability to compare 2D plots through concurrent visualization in VR

Students: April Sanchez, Bella Yue, Cynthia Zhang, Nathan Wu

Mentors: Professor Tobias Hollerer, Ehsan Sayyad


ARC Group

Offer a standardized technique for building a neural network in hardware using an Object Oriented approach.

Students: Dawit Aboye, Dylan Kupsh, Jacqueline Mai, Maggie Lim

Mentors: Professor Tim Sherwood, Deeksha Dangwal


Highlights from 2018/2019 academic year!

  • ERSP students Jacqueline Mai, Maggie Lim present their team's paper titled " PyRTLMatrix: an Object-Oriented Hardware Design Pattern for Prototyping ML Accelerators" at Workshop on Energy Efficient Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing, Phoenix, AZ. ERSP student co-authors include Dawit Aboye and Dylan Kupsh. Many thanks to their research adviors: Deeksha Dangwal and Professor Tim Sherwood
  • ERSP students Andrew Gaut and Tony Sun present their team's paper titled " Mitigating Gender Bias in Natural Language Processing: Literature Review" at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) in Florence, Italy. ERSP student co-authors include Shirlyn Tang and Yuxin Huang. Many thanks to their research adviors: Mai ElSherief, and Professors William Wang and Elizabeth Belding.
  • ERSP HCI team: April Sanchez, Cynthia Zhang, Bella Yue, Nathan Wu demo their research project on visualizing environmental data in virtual reality at the 2019 Media Arts and Technology End of Year showcase. Many thanks to their research mentors: Ehsan Sayyad and Professor Tobias Hollerer
  • ERSP student Jacqueline Mai wins the 2019 CS Outstanding Undergraduate Research award. Congratulations to Jacqui and her advisor Professor Tim Sherwood! Read more about the event here:
  • ERSP students present their research at the CS Spring Undergraduate Research Showcase. Read more about the event here: