Schedule Syllabus

CS110 is a companion course to students admitted to UCSB-ERSP and is also open to other CS/CE majors. Enrollment is limited by the number of available projects. The goal of the course is to learn foundational knowledge and skills needed to do research in Computer Science. Students will ground their learning in research projects under the supervision of a faculty member in Computer Science.

CS110 Schedule Fall 2022

Topic by week

Day and location

Pre-class Assignments

(due by class time on the day it is listed)


In-class topic/activity

Week 1 


Introduction to research and teamwork


SH 1430

Read the syllabus

Complete the scheduling poll assignment on Gauchospace.

Introduction to CS110, ERSP, and research (slides).

Template of in-class activities 

Project group assignment

ERSP Project descriptions


HFH 1132

Reflection 1 

Log set up 

CS110/ERSP contract

ERSP study consent form

Group work and team building

Template of in-class activities

Tips on effective work 

Week 2


Reading and discussing research papers


SH 1430

Research paper prep and initial group meeting

Read and discuss a research paper and take notes


SH 1430

Read and respond to a research paper (first pass)

W2 Research Log Update

Discuss a paper in small groups 

Week 3


Presenting research problems




Searching the 



SH 1430

Deeper reading of a research paper (second pass) 


Choose a teaching topic

Presenting a research problem 


SH 1430

Teach yourself (and your group): Part 1


W3 Research Log Update

W3 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Literature searching

Template of in-class activities



Week 4


Independent learning 


SH 1430

Teach yourself (and your group): Part 2

Teaching yourself and your group (instructions)

Teaching groups

Pre-teaching survey

Post-teaching survey


SH 1430

Literature search, part 1: Proposal preliminary work and potential sources

W4 Research Log Update

W4 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Inclass LaTeX and Literature Search activities

Week 5


Writing Workshop


A deeper dive into literature searching 


SH 1430

Literature search, part 2: Broaden your search and deepen your knowledge of the field


Complete Reflection 2

Writing workshop folder

Template for in-class activity

Hate Lingo Paper


Proposal Examples[1, 2] advice on writing a technical paper in CS


SH 1430

Literature search, part 3: Narrow down and identify gaps in the literature

W5 Research Log Update

W5 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Group work and check-ins

Fill out the mid-quarter reflection form.

Fill out the mid-quarter TA evaluation form.

Week 6


Collaborative Coding 




Peer Review  


(live, remote class via zoom)

Proposal part 1: Proposed problem and related work

Collaborative Coding Workshop (Invited talk)


Template of in-class activities


SH 1430

No pre-class homework

W6 Research Log Update

W6 Research Group Meeting Attendance

No class.

Plan to attend the CS Speed Advising Event

Additionally, (re-)listen to the recording of the collaborative coding workshop (posted on Gauchospace) and complete any of the related activities that you didn't get to on Monday.  


Week 7

Peer review




SH 1430

No homework due

Mock peer review (in preparation for reviewing another groups proposal)

Example proposal

Peer review feedback form,

Grading Rubric, 

Peer Review Guidelines





SH 1430

Proposal part 2: Proposed solution

Reflection 3


W7 Research Log Update

W7 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Work to complete draft of proposal

Week 8


Research in the real world


SH 1430

Proposal part 3: Evaluation and Implementation plan (ready for peer review) 


Professional peer review in practice




Proposal peer review 

W8 Research Log Update

W8 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Proposal feedback in small groups

Link to pair assignments

Template of in-class activity

Week 9


Data Visualization 



Proposal revisions based on peer review

Data Visualization

Template of in-class activity



(live via zoom)

Grad student interview

W9 Research Log Update

W9 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Instructor feedback on proposals


Week 10


Research ethics and research opportunities beyond ERSP


(tentative: live via zoom)

Reflection 4

Final presentation draft


Instructor feedback on proposals


SH 1430


Final presentation draft due Fri Dec 2 at 5p.

Research proposal final submission due Wed Dec 7 at 5p


W10 Research Log Update

W10 Research Group Meeting Attendance

Please fill the final course and TA evaluation

Final reflection and team member rating survey

Small group practice presentations

Presentation groups

Presentation Feedback (copy to your drive folder and edit)

Finals Week

Dec 5, 4p - 7p (during final exam slot for CS110)


Final presentations