Schedule Syllabus

Prof. Agarwal, Prof. El-Abbadi and Prof. Gupta's Group

Prof. Ananth's Group Prof. Balkind's Group Prof. Beyeler's Group

Prof. Bultan's Group Prof. Hollerer's Group

Prof. Krintz and Prof. Wolski's Group Prof. Wang's Group

Prof. Singh's Group Prof. Gupta's Group

Prof. Vigoda's Group Prof. Yang's Group

CS110 is a companion course to students admitted to UCSB-ERSP. The goal of the course is to learn foundational knowledge and skills needed to do research in Computer Science. Students will ground their learning in research projects under the supervision of a faculty member in Computer Science.



Day Topic

(due by class time on the day it is listed)

In-class activity
Week 1, Mon Introduction and Overview Read the syllabus, complete scheduling poll Watching a research talk
Week 1, Wed Lessons learned: panel with past ERSP students

Complete Draft of Reflection 1
Log set up 

ERSP Contract

 Revise/Complete Reflection 1

Week 2, Mon Reading research papers  Research paper background reading and Continue to log activities Read and discuss a research paper and take notes
Week 2, Wed

Effective team work and individual accountability


Team building activity 

Tips on effective work 

Week 3, Mon

Defining problems
(part 1)

Read and respond to a research paper Small group paper discussion
Week 3, Wed Defining problems
(part 2)
Reread your research paper, choose your teaching topic

paper presentations

Week 4, Mon Learning on your own Teach yourself (and your group): Part 1

Group work, feedback on logs

Week 4, Wed Teaching yourself and your group Teach yourself (and your group): Part 2

Small group teaching

Teaching groups

Pre-teaching survey

Post-teaching survey

Week 5, Mon Literature searching Research proposal, preliminary work: Your research question (and proposed approach) Literature searching activity [slides]
Week 5, Wed Writing a Research Proposal Literature search, part 1: Potential sources 

Writing workshop [slides], 

Template for in-class activity

Proposal Examples[1, 2], advice on writing a technical paper in CS 

Week 6, Mon Reflection/Group Work

Literature search, part 2: Deepening your breadth of knowledge of the field


Fill out mid-quarter reflection form.

Week 6, Wed

Experiments in Computer Science


Complete Reflection 2

Proposal, part 1: Proposed problem and related work

Template for in-class activity

[Paper on Experiments in CS] [Slides]

Week 7, Mon


Peer review warm up

Proposal, part 2: Proposed solution 




Practice peer review on sample draft proposal



Proposal Example 2 Draft ,

Poster for showcase,

Poster accepted to ICCV

Peer review feedback form,

Grading Rubric, 

Peer Review Guidelines

Week 7, Wed Research in the real world


Proposal, part 2: Proposed solution 

Professional peer review in practice

Week 8, Mon

A case study in NLP research: from idea to publication


Reflection 3

Proposal, part 2: Proposed solution  (contd)


Invited talk (Tony Sun)

Week 8, Wed Group work

Proposal, part 3: Evaluation and Implementation plan (ready for peer review) 

Work to complete draft of proposal

Week 9, Mon Proposal Revisions

Proposal peer review



Proposal feedback in small groups

Week 9, Wed

Research ethics and research opportunities beyond ERSP

Proposal revisions based on peer review

Ethics activity 
Week 10, Mon Group meetings/presentation work time

Final presentation draft



Instructor feedback on proposals

Week 10, Wed Small group presentations

Reflection 4 (due this Friday at 4p)


Proposal revisions based on instructor feedback (due Wednesday of Finals week at 4p)

 Grad student interview (due  Friday Finals week at 4p)


Final reflection and team member rating survey

Small group presentations

Presentation Feedback (copy to your drive folder and edit)