Project Description

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Team Members

  • Jennifer Park
  • Nandhan Natarajan
  • Joseph Armstrong
  • Jason Vu

Professor and Mentors

  • Prof. Ambuj Singh

Meeting Time

  • Research group meeting
    • Time and Location: Tuesdays 3:30PM - 5PM, HFH 1132
  • ERSP meeting with central mentors (zoom for the first two weeks, in person after that)
    • Chinmay: Wednesdays 5PM - 5:30PM
    • Diba: TBD

Links to Proposals and Presentation

  • Proposal (first draft): link
  • Proposal (after peer review): link
  • Final proposal (after instructor feedback): link
  • Final presentation: link

Individual Logs

Peer Review

  • Review 1
  • Review 2

Project Documentation and Resources

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