Project Description

You've seen git diffs time and time again. They're often messy and take up way more space than you expected because you shifted some indentation or otherwise reformatted your file. These diffs work on files at a character-by-character level, meaning certain types of changes will always make a mess. Fundamentally, though, what you really care about is the difference in the actual code. In this project, we'd like to make a diff that doesn't care about the formatting of your code. Like how ostensibly HTML is for content and CSS is for presentation. Lots of languages already have automatic code formatters, but any reformatting still makes a mess in our diffs. We want to build a diff tool that only looks at the language syntax/tokens to get the core essence of the diff.

Team Members

  • Audrey Zhu
  • Christine Tu
  • Amy Wang
  • Charlie Jyu

Professor and Mentors

  • Prof. Jonathan Balkind

Meeting Time

  • Meeting with the Professor
    • Thursdays 4-4:30p
  • ERSP meeting with central mentors
    • Chinmay: TBD
    • Diba: TBD
  • ERSP team meeting
    • Saturdays 10a-12p

Links to Proposals and Presentation

  • Proposal (first draft): link
  • Proposal (after peer review): link
  • Final Proposal (after instructor's feedback): link
  • Final presentation: link

Individual Logs

Peer Review

Project Documentation and Resource