Your assignment for Wednesday, Week 8  is to give feedback on your peers' proposals. You will be sharing this feedback with your peers during class on Wednesday, so it is extremely important that you complete this assignment before class time on Wednesday.

The purpose of peer review is for you to help make your peers' proposals stronger. Peer review is a critical part of research, and it is important that you take your role seriously. Your peers are counting on you.

Before you begin, read through the Guidelines for Peer Review.

Next, make sure you understand the grading rubric for the proposals. This is the rubric I will use when I grade your proposals. I will also fill this out when I give you your first feedback. Your overall grade will be a rough average of the grades in each of the rows (though not all rows are necessarily weighted equally). This rubric roughly matches the categories you will give feedback on, as you will see in the feedback guide below.

Then, find your assigned proposal. The assignments are given in this spreadsheet [Link to assignments], and you can find the proposal for the group you are assigned linked from their group research page on our ERSP Research Site.

Download your assigned report, and follow this guide to provide your peer feedback. Make a copy of the form and fill out the electronic form. In addition you can print it and write notes on paper, then transfer your notes to the electronic version. You may also choose to annotate notes on the proposal itself, either electronically or on paper.

Complete your written feedback before class time on Wednesday and do the following:

  1. Post the feedback on to your ERSP Google Drive folder (under the Google folder that each team has created to receive their feedback) and insert the direct link to your feedback in this spreadsheet [Link to assignments]. Slack Chinmay and he will then post it on the group's research page. If your feedback is on paper, you must post the link to a pdf of the scanned copy. This should be done before class on Wednesday.
  2. Bring your feedback to class, either in written or electronic form. You will use these notes to give feedback during class.