Your last assignment in ERSP this quarter (with the exception of submittinh your final proposals) is to prepare a 10 minute presentation with your group. This presentation will be given during the last day of class on Wednesday of Week 10. The objectives of this presentation are to communicate the concrete research problem that your research group is working on and to articulate the specific project you believe your group will undertake in winter and spring.

Presentation General Guidelines

  • Your presentation should be NO MORE THAN 10 minutes, including questions. This will leave 2 minutes for transitioning between groups. You should expect to be interrupted with questions during your presentation as well, so it's probably best to prepare about 8 minutes of content.
  • Each member of your group is required to give a part of the presentation.
  • You should use appropriate visual aids (slides) in your presentation. Here are some guidelines on how to give an effective presentation and some slides on what to do (and not to do) in your slides.
  • You should PRACTICE your presentation with your whole group more than once to make sure that what you are saying is clear, your timing is OK, etc. Your adviser will likely be in the audience, so make sure you're prepared.

Slide draft deadline, Monday Week 10

You are required to "submit" a draft of your slides on Monday of week 10, by noon. You should submit these slides by linking them from your group page. They can be rough, but it should be clear that you have put thought into how you will organize your presentation and present the technical information.

Presentation Specifics

The overall goal of the presentation is for you to communicate:

  • A specific research problem your research group is working on, and why it's important and exciting (i.e. what is the problem and why should anyone care?).
  • The specific project that you will undertake in winter and spring and how it fits into the general research area and previous solutions to this problem.
  • Your proposed plan for implementation and evaluation of your approach.

You should organize your presentation with sections that roughly follow the three bullet points above. It's up to you to decide who will present what content.

If you need any help developing your presentation just let me know. Chinmay and I are happy to help.

Presentation Schedule

All presentations will take place in the regular classroom - we start at 4:00pm (12/6). You are required to attend the whole time. The schedule of presentations is as follows:

  • Prof. Agarwal, Prof. El-Abbadi and Prof. Gupta's Group
  • Prof. Balkind's group
  • Prof. Yang's group
  • Prof. Krintz and Prof. Wolski's group
  • Prof. Hollerer's group
  • Prof. Beyeler's group
  • Prof. Ananth's group
  • Prof. Vigoda's group
  • Prof. Bultan's group
  • Prof. Gupta's group
  • Prof. Wang's group
  • Prof. Singh's group