Part 1: Due Wednesday before class

Your assignment for Wednesday of Week 9 is to revise your proposal according to:

  • The peer review feedback you received.
  • Your own assessment of what needs to be changed. Keep the grading rubric in mind.
  • Any feedback you have received from your advisor.

In this revision, you should add a separate section at the end which lists the changes you made in this revision. This section should include enough detail that it is clear what you did, but you don't need to list every line that was changed.

When you have finished your revision,  do the following:

  1. Any one member of the team- share your revised proposal (with revision notes) with Chinmay by  Wednesday of Week 9. Please meet this deadline.
  2. Meet with Prof. Mirza and Chinmay to get their feedback on Wednesday of Week 9.

Part 2: Due Wednesday of Finals Week by 11:59PM

Incorporate the feedback you received from Prof. Mirza and Chinmay

Any one member of the team should send the final proposal to Chinmay by email.