Create a single shared Google doc in your team drive for the class assignment and upload a PDF file to the corresponding in-class assignment on Gradescope on time (Week2-InClass by Wed. at 11:59 PM).

Below is an outline for the small group paper discussion in class.  Please do not work ahead.  Move on to the next step only when Prof. Matni instructs you to do so.

  1. Designate a discussion leader and one or more note-takers.  The discussion leader's role is to make sure that you are on track with your discussion, and that everyone actively contributes to the discussion.  Ensure that one person (including the discussion leader!) is not dominating the conversation and that no one is quiet.  Everyone's voices must be heard. (2 mins)
  2. Discuss the answers to the questions you responded to for your assignment today (15 mins). Specifically, discuss the following questions:
    1. What problem(s) is the work trying to solve?
    2. What is the proposed solution and why is it new?  What is the main contribution of the work?  How does it relate to and improve on what has been done before?
    3. How do the authors show that their approach works?  Do you believe their evidence?  Is there anything that you feel like they could show better?
    4. During this discussion, the note-taker(s) should keep track of questions you had. Everybody should help each other out where they can, but do not get distracted trying to answer every doubt.

  3. Now it's time to dive into the technical details and answer the questions/doubts that you had.  (25 mins)
    1. Have each group member list the major things that they did not understand.  Record (note) these doubts.
    2. As each group member is speaking, other members can chime in and try to help explain the concepts where they can.
    3. After everyone has contributed as much technical knowledge as they can, it's time to seek external help.  Go to the internet and try to figure out as much as you can about all remaining questions/doubts.  You can work on your own or with other members of your group.
  4. Touch base with each other again about the overall approach the paper took. What makes sense now that did not make sense before?  What are you still missing? Record (note) your discussion. (10 mins)
  5. Create a list of questions for your advisor based on any doubts that remain from the paper. Create a common research log in your team drive. Record these questions and notes that you have taken on a Google Drive page and link it to your group research log page. If you don't have your group log page set up, set it up now! Then, create a PDF of this notes document and upload it on Gradescope. One submission per group is enough (and tell Gradescope who else is in your group and also put everyone's names at the start of the document). (15 mins)